At Executive Kia, we’re known for selling dependable vehicles like the 2019 Kia Sorento. You still need to take good care of your Kia model once you’ve purchased it though, which is why our expert mechanics are ready to help you out. Naturally they can take care of oil changes, but did you know that there are other fluids that your vehicle really needs? Here’s a look at what your car requires to run smoothly.

Some drivers are surprised to learn that their brakes actually need fluid. Brake fluid gets pressurized and helps your brakes operate properly. At our Kia service center, we’ll make sure that your vehicle is filled with effective brake fluid that will help your car react responsively when you need it to.

There’s also power steering fluid, which lubricates the steering gear and makes your vehicle more responsive. If your steering seems sluggish, you might need more power steering fluid. Transmission fluid also helps your vehicle run smoothly. Occasionally this needs to be flushed and replaced with new fluid, and our service center staff can handle that for you.

Another important fluid is coolant. It keeps your engine from overheating. Naturally, your coolant is especially important during the warmer summer months. Coolant occasionally needs to be replaced as the effectiveness of its ingredients fades, so bringing your vehicle in for a seasonal checkup is always a good idea. Finally, there’s windshield wiper fluid. This helps you keep your windshield clear, giving you the best possible view of the road ahead of you.

So when you’re looking for expert mechanics that can keep your car running at peak performance visit our Kia dealership and service center in Wallingford, CT. Our experts are ready to refill your vehicle with brake fluid, coolant, and anything else that it needs. We hope to see you soon!