When you buy a new Kia car, you want to make it your own. That’s why we offer so many paint colors and official accessories here at Executive Kia. But how do you know what color car is the best option for you? Luckily, we’re here to let you know about the differences between each paint color and what advantages or disadvantages specific shades can offer.

Two paint colors you’ll find on our lot are black and white. They’re among the most popular car colors for very different reasons. Black cars are popular because they tend to offer a sleek or streamlined look. It’s a stylish color, but it takes some work to keep it that way. Cars in this shade show every speck of dirt or dust, which means that you need to take extra time to clean your car. White cars may not turn as many heads, but they don’t show as much of the residue that you kick up from the road on your daily commute.

Other more conservative colors, like silver and gray, offer the same advantages as white. If you want to go outside the box, picking out a blue or red car is a great way to make a statement. Both colors are sporty, but can also show a lot of dirt like black cars. One positive about red cars is that rumors about them attracting more speeding tickets seems to be an urban legend. So drive off in that striking red Kia Forte with peace of mind.

Genuine Kia parts and accessories can also help you make your new car stand out. It’s easy to find everything from exterior accessories like splash guards to electronics like an auto dimming rearview mirror. Whether you’re shopping for a rear spoiler or cargo accessories, we’ve got you covered.

So when you want a vehicle that’s truly unique, visit our Kia dealership in Wallingford, CT. We’ll help you find the perfect car and sort through all of our customization options. We hope to see you soon!