When you’re driving this winter, the last thing you need is a dead battery. The low temperatures can be tough on your car, but with some tips from Executive Kia, you can avoid getting stuck in the cold with a vehicle that won’t start this season. If you’re a driver in Branford, CT and you’re wondering “Where can I find a reliable Kia service center near me?” we’re ready to help you.

Our expert mechanics can take a closer look at your battery to check for corrosion on the cables or connectors as well as test the battery to see if it’s in good condition. We’ll even make it easy to find a dependable new battery if your current one isn’t up to the job.

There are also some things that you can do to take better care of your battery. Whether you’re driving a car that’s a few years old or a new 2018 Kia Sorento, the battery serves an important function in your vehicle by helping it start. A poorly maintained battery will struggle with this task when the extreme cold hits.

First, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not putting undue stress on your battery. It’s working extra hard in the cold weather, so starting up all of these other features that could drain the battery even more might not be a good plan. Wait a few minutes to turn on the lights, heat, and other features. Also make sure that you’re not leaving the interior lights or headlights on when you leave your car. This careless error can quickly drain your battery, leaving you without power when you need it later.

When you’re looking for the expert knowledge you need to keep your car in top shape, remember Executive Kia. Stop in at our Kia car dealership in Wallingford today and put our experts to work for you. We’ll make it simple to find the perfect car or keep your current vehicle running reliably in the years to come.