Here at Executive Kia, our job doesn’t end when we’ve found the perfect new or used Kia vehicle. We also want to make sure that you take great care of your car, which is why we’re also a fully-equipped service center. We’ll help you maintain your vehicle, which will extend its life and keep you safer. Our technicians can fix just about anything, including your brakes.

Everyone knows that having responsive brakes is important. It’s especially important in the summer months, where you may be using time off to drive more than usual. Unfortunately, maintaining your brakes just isn’t something the typical driver can do on their own. You should leave the brake upkeep to the experts here at our Kia service center near Middletown, CT.

Many drivers don’t realize just how complex their brake system is. You just hit the brake pedal and start to come to a stop, but there’s so much going on that you don’t see. Pressing down on that pedal begins a whole process where brake fluid leaves the brake fluid reservoir, is transported through the brake lines, and signals the master brake cylinder that it’s time to stop the car. You have parts like the brake pads, brake rotors, and calipers that all work together too. It’s a complicated system, but our experience mechanics can examine every part of it to ensure that your brakes respond when you need them to.

So when you want to make sure that your vehicle is operating at peak performance, visit our Kia dealership near Middletown, CT. Our expert technicians are ready to help with brake upkeep and any other vehicle maintenance. We’ll make sure that your car runs well for years to come!