Auto shows can be an exercise in frustration. Every year, car makers show off their best work, but some of the most intriguing offerings — in the form of daring concept cars — never see the inside of a dealer’s showroom. For Kia fans, the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show looked like it would be the prelude to another disappointment. That year, Kia showed a rear-wheel drive Kia GT concept that was sportier than anything the company had done before or since. At the time, designer Peter Schreyer hinted that he’d love to see the car enter production but wasn’t getting his hopes up; still, he allowed, “It may be a dream now, but sometimes dreams come true.” That last statement turned out to be prophetic. 

On the one hand, the Kia GT concept looked closer to a production prototype than a concept car. Yes, there were some unusual touches (like copper accents and metallic-treated leather that was supposed to develop a patina as it wore). On the other hand, its profile was daring — more German than Korean, if you will — but not such a radical departure that it would need significant changes to enter production. A prototype has been spied testing in California, and while it’s camouflaged as you’d expect, what’s visible is enough to suggest that the Kia GT will be very close to the concept when it finally takes its first bow here at Executive Kia some time in 2017 as a 2018 model.

The base model is expected to have rear-wheel drive and a turbocharged 3.3L V6 engine. Another engine option — different tuning on the same engine, or another higher-horsepower six-cylinder, or perhaps an eight-cylinder engine — wouldn’t be out of the question, and an all-wheel drive variant is also expected to be in the works (welcome news for winter driving around Branford, CT).

Kia has been known for quite some time as a purveyor of practical and reliable cars like the Kia Forte and the best-selling Kia Optima. Recent years have seen the company continuing to evolve, whether with daring designs like the Kia Soul or the kind of luxury that comes with the Kia K900. When it arrives at Executive Kia, the Kia GT will represent another push, this time toward a drive that’s unabashedly fun. We say, “Bring it on.” See what Kia has to offer today at our showroom, located at 1164 North Colony Rd in Wallingford, CT or feel free to call 866-648-5635 with your questions.